Old Film Studio

Bringing the new life and the new economic means to the properties of the historic significance is what unites us at Sodi Investment and therefore we simply couldn’t keep the Old Film Studio at the city center of Tbilisi out of site.

The building, designed by a very well-established architect of 30’s in the past century M. Buzogli, grossly represents the heavy mix of the soviet constructivism with the Georgian avant-garde of those times. Nevertheless, it was always thought to be the place for the soviet movie “moguls” to go rather than a must-see sight of Tbilisi and that is exactly what keeps us excited about it.

We plan keeping one of the most remarkable large-scale properties in Tbilisi in its original look and changing it into the multifunctional entertainment center for the locals and others coming around to visit.

Rehabilitation starting date : 15/09/2021

Location : 164 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave