Hotel Hyde Batumi

Have you ever felt or carefully examined the true harmony at the heart of old Batumi? No complex landscapes, no architectural contrasts, no urban surprises as if the symmetry had been the order of the day here all the way through. The building of the Old Bank was always part of that order too. A well-established Georgian writer Davit Kldiashvili had records about the first owner of it and highlights him as being a very educated and wealthy man, named Spoliansky, who seemed to bring great value to the finance community at the time. Now we, Sodi Investment are about to bring way more value to the city of Batumi itself by keeping the Old Bank’s aesthetics as it is and making it a direct contributor to the local economy the other day. The 84-room hotel Hyde Batumi is going to be the brand new identity of the Old Bank.

The architecture of Old Batumi carries a sort of solidity due to its diverse and dynamic life in late 19th and early 20th centuries, when the shipping and oil companies as well as the banks and other big commercial organisations occupied the city center with three-four-story offices.

The same solidity is what keeps us at Sodi Investment attached to Batumi and the Old Bank with its authentic Batumian, gentlemanly look and the new role in the local economy will serve as the proof to our conceptual vision for success.

Rehabilitation starting date : 15/09/2021

Location : Gamsakhurdia 12