A new concept of an old film studio

A new concept of an old film studio

We are actively working with Colliers, a leading real estate company, to create a unique concept and give new life to an old cinema studio on the Tamar Mefe avenue in Tbilisi.

We are currently handling the details, but eventually, our vision is to create a mixed-use complex that includes:

  • Hotel and office space 
  • Apartments 
  • Children’s Entertainment Space 
  • Work and seminar space 
  • Multifunctional center (shopping, cinema, museum, conference space, etc.).

The history of the pavilion dates back to 1927-30 when architect Mikheil Bezugli designed the building. The former Cinema Pavilion was one of the most important film studios in the Soviet Union. This is the place where all the films of the 20th-century Soviet Union were made. (Eg: “Surami Castle,” “Red Devils,” “Tariel Mklavadze’s Murder Case,” “Who’s to Blame,” etc.).

This period is one of the most important milestones for Georgian cinema, which is why today, the pavilion has the status of a cultural monument.

In 1995, the government ceased funding for the pavilion and the union of film studios and slowly began to sell parts of it. Nowadays, this cultural monument is unused.

Despite many attempts, this building could not return to its original function and appearance. Today, we have taken over this project. The new concept of the Old Cinema Studio will enrich Tbilisi’s architecture – a modern style fused with the city’s old soul. 

Our team is actively working to give the building a second life. Rehabilitation works, and other details are in the process of negotiation. As a cultural monument, the pavilion will retain its old appearance and will be fully rehabilitated before its completion.

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